team moorland history

Once there were two brothers living a carefree life in a small town, running around, exploring the world. Sometimes they spent all day in moorlands near home playing, exploring the nature. They loved video games too, it was a big part of their life then. Back in a day video games were simple, small pixelated guys running around in a TV screen, but they had the magic to inspire and to grow young imaginations. Brothers dreamed that one day they will create their own game, or maybe not one, maybe a lot of them!

Some time has passed, the brothers are grown up now, living in a big city, but their longing for nature never ceased, and the love for games too. It was one day when they found out that they both finally have the skills needed to develop a video game, and they started doing that immediately. Soon after, they were joined by two other friends, talented creative guys with the same vision. That was the beginning of “Team Moorland”.

As “Team Moorland” we are dedicated to create unique and original games that we ourselves like to play, games which define us, games which will let us share our thoughts, jokes, questions and childhood memories with you, people around the world.



Justinas Jazauskas
Team co-founder, artist and story writer.


Paulius Jazauskas
Team co-founder, game code and story writer.


Darius Stankevicius
Music composer.


Pavel Syrnicki
Level designer, lead tester.


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